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Cardamom Menu

Main - Seafood

Madras Machli Curry
Fish fillet cooked with garlic green chili curry leaves in tamarind tomato based sauce. $16.95
Machli Meen Molee
Fish fillet cooked with fresh coconut + coconut milk + curry leaves and spices, A special dish from kerala. $16.95
Jhinga Patia
Tiger prawns cooked in a zesty hot and sour sauce in parsi style. $17.95
Tandoori Jhinga Masala
Delicately spiced tiger prawns cooked in masala sauce. $17.95
Goan Jhinga
Fresh lobster cooked in fresh coconut + crushed chili + curry leaves serves with lemon rice. $24.95
Shahee Jhinga
Delicately spiced fresh lobster in creamy mushroom tomato sauce, fresh of indian royals. $24.95

Main - Beef

Beef Kalia
Slow cooked beef in golden brown onion+garlic+bell pepper sauce. $15.95
Beef Bhuna
Semi dry beef cooked with spices and herbs. $15.95
Beef Vindaloo
Diced beef and potato cooked in tomato+vinegar+chili sauce. $15.95

Main - Chicken

Hyderabadi Murgh Tikka Masala
Diced chicken tikka tossed in hyderabadi spices cooked in creamy tomato sauce. $14.95
Badami Malai Murgh
Tender chicken cooked in cream+yogurt+ground cashew nuts with a hint of cardamom + cloves + cinnamon. $14.95
Chetinad Murgh
Boneless chicken in coconut milk+curry sauce+curry leaves and infused with roasted south indian spices. $14.95
Murgh Makhani
North indian classic succulent boneless chicken tikka simmered in smooth tomato butter sauce flavored with funegrek. $14.95
Murgh Dansak
Chicken breast cooked with lentils in hot sweet and sour sauce. $14.95
Murgh Manglore
Unusual mix of cumin seeds, other spices and herbs gives this chicken dish its distinctive fresh taste, wonderful with extra chilli. $14.95
Murgh Madhurai
Chicken breast cooked in tandoor then simmered in bell pepper + onion + chilli + tomato sauce. $14.95
Sylheti Murgh
Diced chicken tikka cooked in Tandoor then simmered in onion and naga chili sauce, unique and popular in north east region sylhet. $14.95

Main - Lamb

Gosht Tikka Masala
Succulent lambcooked in tandoor simmered in Chef’s special garam masala sauce. $15.95
Gosht Pasanda
Tender lamb fillets marinated in yogurt and spices then cooked in sweet and sour sauce. $15.95
Khyberi Gosht Bhuna
Tender lamb tempered with ginger and coriander, cooked with tomato onion garlic saucepopular in north west region. $15.95
Saag Gosht
Succulent lamb slow cooked with delicate spices then added to fresh spinach. $15.95
Chandni Chowk
Lamb cubes cooked with rich rogan tomato sauce and garam masala, excellent with extra chilli. $15.95
Gosht Madhurai
Our own version of highly popular chilli lamb prepared with tender lamb cooked in tandoor then simmered in tomato + chilli sauce. $15.95
Manju’s Lamb Shank
Marinated lamb shank slow cooked overnight on charcoal then served in spicy sauce made with onion tomato and chickpeas, making the lamb so soft that it falls off the bone. $19.95

Main - Vegetables

Tofu Makhani
Grilled tofu simmered in smooth butter and tomato sauce. $11.95
Mater Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese tossed with green peas then cooked in sauce. $11.95
Saag Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in cream and baby spinach. $11.95
Sabzi Korma
Fresh mixed vegetables cooked in mild creamy sauce. $11.95
Sabzi Curry
Fresh mixed vegetables cooked in chef’s own curry sauce. $11.95
Chatpata Chilli Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in tomato chilli sauce. $11.95
Daal Makhani
Black lentils with kidney beans cooked slowly overnight finished with cream tomato sauce.Chef’s favourite not to be missed. $11.95